43 Group

A Chronicle of Fifty Years in the Art of Sri Lanka

Neville Weereratne


my friend and my wife;
and our children,
Ruvan, Ramesh, Rehana and Amahl,
for their overwhelming loyalty
and unbridled enthusiasm
for all of our causes.

I have to acknowledge Carnegie Printing Secvices Pty Ltd and Mahoney Typesetting Pty Ltd, both of 888 North Road, East Bentleigh, for their part in the production of this volume. I have to thank Ruvan, Ramesh and Amahl for their professional assistance; and Rehana for designing the dust jacket.

I am just as much indebted to Dominic Sansoni who, in spite of his own strenuous programmes of work, undertook to provide the colour photographs from which the reproductions in this book have been made, and other illustrations.

Richard Gabriel read the manuscript, made invaluable suggestions, provided me with additional information and finally gave it his imprimatur. I am equally indebted to Ian Goonetileke for his perusal of the manuscript, his criticisms thereof, and for his Foreword and Select Bibliography. I must acknowledge too, the enthusiastic interest of Vernon Weereratne in the preparation of this work and his careful scrutiny of the text.

Of the many others who have helped me enormously, one way or another, I need to single Nazreen Philips in Melbourne and Daffy Ingleton in Colombo for their constant interest and support.