43 Group

A Chronicle of Fifty Years in the Art of Sri Lanka

Neville Weereratne

Appendix A

Minutes of the Inaugural Meeting

29 August 1943

The minutes of the Inaugural meeting of the ‘43 Group, held at 11 am on 29 August 1943 at 18 Guildford Crescent.

Present: Messrs Lionel Wendt. Harry Pieris. George Claessen. Lester Peries. Ivan Peries. A. C. Collette and R. D. Gabriel.

Committee: A committee was formed consisting of the following: Messrs W. J. G. Beling. A. C. Collette. Ralph Claessen, J. F. P. Daraniyagala. R. D. Gabriel. S. R. Kanakasabai. George Keyt. Manjusri Thero, Ivan Peries, and Lionel Wendt.

Hony Secretary: Harry Pieris

Hony Treasurer: George Claessen

Rules were drawn up as follows:

The group shall be called the ‘43 Group. Group exists for the furtherance in every way of art in all its branches.

The affairs of the Group will be conducted by a committee consisting of twelve members; the first committee consisting of the inaugural members at the meeting on the 29th August 1943 and by an Hony Secretary and Hony Treasurer elected by the committee.

Membership is open to artists and to those interested in art and may be effected by application to the Hony Secretary. Proposal, seconding and election to be by the committee.

Membership subscription is Rs 5 a year or part of a year. The Group’s year commences on 1st September. Members will have free access to all exhibitions organised by the Group.

The committee may delegate any of its organisational powers to any member or members.

When exhibitions or other activities are organised by the Group, the committee may or may not appoint a board of judges. It is the intention of the Group that contributing artists will select their own work before submission and the usual practice will be to exhibit all works submitted.

The Group may at any time invite non-members to exhibit if so decided by the committee.

There shall be an annual general meeting of the members of the Group every year before the 31st August. Ten days notice shall be given to all members.

The committee shall meet as often as it thinks necessary and a quorum shall consist of at least three members.

The Hony Secretary and Hony Treasurer will be ex-officio members.

All subscriptions should be sent to the Hony Treasurer before the 31st October.

It was decided to hold the first exhibition from the 18th to the 28th November, 1943.